THE GREENFIELDS Celebrate 40 Years of Singing (1970 - 2010)
The Greenfields Folk Duo In March 2010, The Greenfields celebrated 40 years of singing. It was way back in March 1970 that Joe Tanti, Carmen Vella, and Charles Bajada formed the trio The Greenfields with the aim of playing and singing mainly folk music. They started singing Irish, Scottish, English folk, and some of the songs recorded by the Australian group The Seekers, simply because Carmen's voice was very similiar to that of Judith Durham, with Joe and Charles harmonizing to it.

At the time, the folk song in Malta was non existent! With simple, folk-style catchy tunes written by Joe to the lyrics of leading poets, and later, to his own lyrics as well, The Greenfields embarked on this new venture. It was not too long before influential radio and television people became aware of this new group, with its new folk-style songs on the local music scene. In fact, backed by a big number of radio and television shows, The Greenfields soon managed to make the Maltese public aware of this brand new 'local' type of music - the Maltese Folk Song! In a couple of years, songs like 'Il-Karozzin', 'Il-Vapur ta' l-art', 'Il-Banda t'Indri', 'Lejliet l-Imnarja', 'Tgħidx le Katrina', 'L-Għajn', and many other songs became instant household tunes. Obviously, other singers and groups followed, and the Maltese folk song scene flourished.
Unfortunately, Charles passed away in February 1990, and the Greenfields lost his guitar playing, and the third harmony voice in their singing. However, Joe and Carmen decided to keep going on as a duo.

To mark these two anniversaries for The Greenfields, and for Maltese music alike, WE productions broadcast The Greenfields' Biography, on the National Television channel TVM, on Tuesday, 9 March 2010.
Since then, The Greenfields have stopped activity in Hotels and Nightclubs. However, they do still perform on the local scene, taking part in social activities of towns and villages, Festas, Maltese Folk nights, Radio and TV.


Remember to tune in to the GREENFIELDS BREAKFAST SHOW, every Saturday morning, from 7.00 to 10.30, on Smash Radio, 104.6 FM.
On this programme The Greenfields play all kinds of music, and YOU can dedicate, or just listen to any song you wish, just by requesting it on an sms.